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"I hardly use make up anymore. I wake up in the morning and just realize that I am ready to go."

Tina made my first experience getting my lashes as comfortable as possible. I didn’t know what to expect but was super pleased with her attention to detail and her pleasant demeanor. We chatted for a bit over French pressed coffee before we got started making sure I got what I wanted. I was antsy because it’s a process laying down for awhile but she managed to relax me and she finished me in time before my next appointment! Even then she wanted to spend more time on me. For first timers it takes a bit more time because Tina has to figure out what lashes will work with your current natural lashes which is trial and error. She followed up with me afterwards and offer to replace any lashes that may have fallen out. I’m on day 3 and happy! All in all it was a great experience and I would recommend her to others.

Stacie´s wellness and health 2016


"I thought I came here for lashes but instead I walk out with a new confidence. I am amazed."


"This is my time of just "me-time". I fall asleep and waking up with beautiful lashes is just a bonus." (laughter)

Tiina is THE BEST. I had extensions a year or so before I met Tiina and gave up on them because the process (with other lash technicians) did not justify the outcome. My lashes were destroyed. Then I met Tiina and decided to give them another go and now I am one of her oldest most loyal clients! She is so gentle during the application that I always fall asleep and wake up with picture perfect lashes. She is so careful with her application that the lashes last longer than with other technicians and they look FAR more real. I couldn’t see Tiina for a couple months when I was traveling and was pleased to see (once my extensions eventually fell out) that my real lashes where healthy and abundant — not in the least destroyed by her extensions. I get compliments on the daily and everyone assumes they’re real! I really can’t say enough good things because I am one totally and completely satisfied customer. Thank you Tiina, you provide me with a daily confident boost that I can’t put a price on!

Eleanor W  2016

Tiina – thank you so much! I LOVE my new eyelashes!!
They make me feel pretty and you don’t even know they’re there until someone compliments you on what beautiful eyes you have. I’m so glad I decided to try eyelash extensions because it is for certain I will never want to be without them ever. No need for makeup in the morning – I just get up and go…
You rock Tiina and make me rock too 

Katarina K 2016

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