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Before your visit it is good if you inform DERMACILIA of allergies, sensitivities and use of contact lenses etc. If you wear contacts, bring your own C.L liquid with you.


It is also time saving if you arrive with clean, oilfree lashes. Give your lashes a proper clean up.


After the visit it is good to take caution and not wet the lashes for 12 hours. Avoid saunas, yacuzzis, and long steam showers and sweaty work outs. Just the first 12 hours. After that you can do anything. Avoid showering with the hard water stream directly on your face and lashes. Splash water and just press/rub them VERY gently with an oil free remover. Oils and creams is the lashes worst enemies. A good gel-, soap-, mousse-, remover is fine as long as they dont contain any oils.


You can start using a mascara when some lashes has fallen out. My advice is to apply the mascara only in the gaps first and when to much has fallen out you can apply the mascara all over the lashes. The best is to have a refill booked in time so you can keep up the good look. Refills are done between every two to six weeks depending on what look you want to keep up.


Lashes is not for everyone. Some love them and some have them for special occasions and some wants them all the time. If you are not satisfied or just feel uncomfortable with the lashes you are welcome to schedule a time to remove them.

Don´t try to pull off the lashes yourself. You can damage your roots and lashes for good by doing so. 

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