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Lashes are individual. Everybody is different. Some has long, thick and strong lashes. Some has short, thin, weak lashes. Or why not long, thin and weak, or short, strong, thin?

Not to mention the colour variety, pitch black, blueblack, black, darkbrown, brown, grey, white, red, blond...


Everybody can not wear big, long, thick lashes and also that doesn´t suit everyone eather.  We are all different. Working on what you have and listening to your needs and also what your lashes can handle is often a good guideline to the perfect custom made lashes for you.


A common problem is people that uses water proof mascara for everyday use. That results often in weaker and thinner and damaged lashes...Why? A guess is a rougher treatment when trying to wash it off using oils/creams in combination with cotton pads/washing cloths/ towels that when used everyday will damage your lashes. Also when leaving make up and mascara on your lashes over night can inhibit lash growth. 

Hormons, medicin, lack of vitamins, bad/old make up, sickness, age can also be a cause why lashes are weaker than usual or than they used to be.


Lashes, like all the hair on our body, has a hair cycle. This cycle is

between 6-12 weeks, depending on health, age, seasonal changes, medical care, hormons etc... Sometimes a lot of lashes falls out at the same time and sometimes just one here and there.


Is the lashes getting weaker by doing eyelash extensions? 

With proper and gentle care it doesn´t harm your own lashes. You have to treat your lashes very carefully. 

Don´t rub your lashes with your hands or finger tips.

Avoid having the hard shower stream direct on your lashes.

Avoid sleeping with your face down in the pillow.

Don´t wear eyemake up that is difficult to wash off.

Don´t pull off the lashes by the roots.


As long as the roots are fine, your lashes are fine. They will grow out. Sometimes they need some help like extra vitamin intake and/or a lash serum for extra fast growth and strength. It is important to go to a well trained eyelash extensionist who does a proper job and doesn´t glue your lashes together in clumps.


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